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Special download page for Relays/Opto-I/O from Taiwan

Decision in Taiwan has discontinued development and support of Windows XP drivers from March 2014!

Manuals ISA + PCI Relay/Photo I/O

PCI 16 Opto I/O OPOP-16P    
PCI 16 SSR/Opto OSSR-16P    
PCI 4 Relays/Opto RELOP-4P    
PCI 8 Relays/Opto Relop-8p    
PCI 16 Relays/Opto Relop-16P    
ISA 8 Relays/Opto      
ISA 16 Relays/Opto      


Driver Windows (XP) - Vista - Win-7 - Win-8 - Win-10

Latest drivers 2019 for PCI cards

32Bit and 64-Bit DLL

Relop-4/8/16 64-Bit DLL

Windows (XP) - Vista - Win-7

Englisch manual for DecLib.pdf

Englisch manual for Dii.pdf


RELOP-4P - RELOP-8P - RELOP-16P - OPOP-16P - 8255-P2 - 8255-PMVS - AD12P5 - AD-14P

The following files replaced the drivers in the DDI_130.exe



Linux and Windows-driver for IC-8 Series

Instructions for changing software and drivers  
(DII 1.811 -> Decision Device Interface V1.3) in Win2000 and WinXP


Windows Dii 1.8 driver for Win-98/NT(2000/XP)

Win-95/98 + NT/2000 (XP) driver, testsoftware and manual for
8255-N, 82-LAB, 82192-V, Relop-8, Relop-16, DCI-12L, DCI-12/14S

DII Version 1.89 Win-98/NT(2000/XP) old driver for ISA - Englisch version

DII Version 1.811 Win-98/NT(2000/XP) driver for ISA/PCI - German version

Manual German

Manual englisch

PCI 8255 or Relop-8 and DOS

PCI-8255-DOS - A PCI-8255 or Relop-8P looks like an ISA card for the ISA-DOS software. Your old software can, despite PCI PnP, access the old addresses of the ISA card!


Querying the base address of PCI cards under DOS

Linux Treiber

Diverse Linux Treiber für Relop-4/8/16P - 2.2.14 - 2.4 - 2..4.18 (andere Kernel auf Nachfrage)

Diverse Linux Treiber für IC-8 - 2.2.14 - 2..4.18 (andere Kernel auf Nachfrage)

Linux I/O Programmierung (Englische Anleitung)



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