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Decision in Taiwan has discontinued development and support of Windows XP drivers from March 2014!

USB I/O with Android

USB I/O with Ethernet


USB Manuals

The German and English manual offers improved, bug-fixed and more comprehensive information. It is continuously updated and is therefore preferable to the Taiwan Manual. Suggestions for improvements are welcome!

At Manual - English some are still in work.

The English manual from Taiwan is the original version for all USB products.

USB 4 Relays/Photo USB-4-RO USB-4-RO-e usb_4_photo_input_relay_output_board
USB 4 SSR/Photo USB-4-SO    
USB Mini   mini_usb_4_photo_relay mini_usb_4_photo_relay
USB 8 Photo In USB-8-O   usb_8_photo_input_board
USB 8 Relays USB-8-R   usb_8_relay_output_board
USB 8 Relays/Photo USB-8-RO USB-8-RO usb_8_photo_input_relay_output_board
USB 16 Photo In USB-16-O   usb_16_photo_input_board
USB 16 Relays USB-16-R   manual_usb_16_relay_output_board
USB 16 Photo/SSR USB-16OSSR-d    
USB 16 Photo/Photo USB-16-OO USB-16OO-e usb_16_photo_input_output_board
USB 16 Relays/Photo USB-16-RO USB-16-RO-e usb_16_photo_inputrelay_output_board
USB 16 Relays/Photo - 7-30V USB-16-ROn    
USB 32 Photo In USB-32-O USB-32-O-e manual_usb_32_photo_input_board
USB 32 Relays USB-32-R USB-32-R-e manual_usb_32_relay_output_board
USB 32 Relays - 7-30V USB-32-Rn    
USB Lab USB-LAB-d   manual_usb_lab_kits
USB Starter USB-Starter USB-Starter manual_usb_starter
USB Industrial     manual_usb_industry_control_board_2
--USB Industrial     Init Setting Manual_for Industry
USB AD/DA   USB-ADDA-1416-ges ADDA_CMD manual
--USB AD/DA     USBADDA installation guide
USBDII_Manual     USBDII_Manual
Serial-Communication     Serial_Communication
Firmware Update Manual     Firmware Update Manual
Init Setting Manual     Init Setting Manual
USBDII_Manual     USBDII_Manual


USB Windows - Download

This package of decision computers includes a dynamic link library designed to communicate with USB modules. It can be recorded in several computer languages (VB, VC, Delphi...) under Windows.

  26.03.2015 USBDII.dll V2019  
It fixed the time for opening a device. Now it open a device instantly. 12.02.2015 USBDII.dll V2018  
Update : USBDII 64bit - Pure 64 bit USBDII library. Old 32 bit version is still compatible in 64 bit environment. 26.11.2012 USBDII.dll V2016 PDF
Update content: Fix the memory leakage problem in the open function. Für Win-XP nur diese Version benutzen! 26.4.2012 USBDII.dll V2014  
  2012/01 USBDII.dll  
  2009/09 USBDII.dll PDF


USB Linux - Download

    This package includes a C library and a demo program developed by Decision computers to communicate with the USB module series under Linux. It also includes a readme file to demonstrate its use. The package format is .tgz.

    In Linuxkernel, the directory is changed from /dev/hiddev into: /dev/usb/hiddev

  • Here is the fixed version 0.5.2. - ZIP
  • We did tested for 2.6, 3.0, 3.2, 3.5.



USB Test + Sample Download

Beispiel Code für USBDII.dll V (20010.04)

The sample code illustrates each function of the USBDII under different programming languages.

ZIP   C#
ZIP   Delphi
ZIP   Java


Test Software Version 2018 - ZIP

Test Software für Eingang / Ausgain all USB productsen.


Init Value Setting Tool (für Ausgabekanäle) - ZIP

The Init Value Setting Tool is a software tool to set Init values for output channels. The user can use this tool to set the output channels to HIGH or LOW on power-up.


USB AD/DA Download


USB Industrial Download


USB Command Line Interface Download

Some customer ask about a command line interface exe for easier building their own batch program.


USB I/O devices Only supporting USB I/O series from Decision Group INC.
USBDIICMD [/o DeviceID CardID][/w port value][/r port][/l][/?] /Open Decision Group USB Series devices.
DeviceI Card type of the device. USB_16PIO:01 USB_LABKIT:02 USB_16PR:03 USB_STARTER:04
  USB_8PR:06 USB_4PR:07 USB_8PI:08 USB_8RO:09
  USB_16PI:10 USB_16RO:11 USB_32PI:12 USB_32RO:13
CardID Onboard switch setting (0~14).  
/w Write value to port. port Port number to write.
/r Read port. port Port number to read.
/l List all devices.  
/? Print this help.  



usbdiicmd /l ---list all plugged devices.

usbdiicmd /o 1 0 /w 2 8 ---open card type 1 (USB_16PIO) with card ID 0, and then write to port 2 with value = 8

usbdiicmd /o 1 0 /r 0 ---open card type 1 (USB_16PIO) with card ID 0, and then read port 0

Download - ZIP


Decision-USB and Virtualization Software

LabVIEW Support Package

This package includes instructions and examples on how to connect USB modules to NI's LabVIEW.

Anleitung PDF LabView 8 LabView 2009 LabView 2010 LabView V10/13


ProfiLAB Support Package

This package contains hints and examples showing how to establish a connection between USB modules and ProfiLab from Abacom.

Anleitung - PDF

Anleitung, Beispiele und DLL bis Windows 8 64bit - ZIP


USB Firmware Download

Firmware Update Paket (Download) - ZIP

This package includes a driver and software used by Decision Computer to update the latest firmware in USB series modules. When a new version of the firmware is released, users can follow the instructions to update the firmware. Please only update the firmware after consultation with the user.!

Init Value Setting Tool (Download) - ZIP
Init Value Setting Tool (Anleitung) - PDF

The Init Value Setting Tool is a software tool to set Init values for output channels. The user can use this tool to set the output channels to HIGH or LOW on power-up..


USB application example

Data Acquisition and Remote Monitoring Tool

The Data Acquisition and Remote Monitoring Tool (DARMT) is a software tool for recording the status of the USB modules' inputs/outputs on the local computer and transferring them to the FTP site for data acquisition and remote monitoring.




USB Taiwan Download



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