8255 PIO and AD/DA

USB-Module mit 4 bis 32

Relays and/or Photoisolator

PCI-PCIe-ISA Multiport

RS-232 - RS-422 - RS-485

Viele ältere, ab 1986 hergestellte Produkte, sind noch ab Lager oder auf Sonderbestellung lieferbar!

PCI und ISA Relais

und Optokoppler-Karten

PC-ADD-ON for industrial control - laboratory - automation

USB Relays - Opto

Reed Relays - SSR - TTL I/O - Contact Closure Detect - AD/DA

ISA/PCI Relays - Opto

Reed Relays - SSR - TTL Input and Output - Contact Closure Detect

ISA/PCI 8255 I/O

TTL Input and Output - 48 or 192 I/0
8254 Counter/Timer


AD/DA Boards


2 - 4 - 8 fach Multiport Serial-Boards
RS-232/422/485/20mA Converter.


Driver, Programsample,
Manuals etc.

Current information on the delivery situation


Due to the serious illness of the CEO, Decision-Taiwan will end production in 2024!
In the meantime, the end has been postponed until 2025.
For this reason, the company is no longer producing for stock and is endeavouring to reduce inventories.
The plan was to continue producing orders of 100 units or more for as long as possible on special request.


However, key employees have since left Decision-Taiwan.
As a result, production had to be stopped at short notice and confirmed orders were cancelled!
Delivery is therefore only possible from stock!
There will be no resumption of production!
In the meantime, however, the end has been postponed until 2025.
Some items may therefore still be subject to change.


The stock levels of some items are already visible and will be gradually added to the website.


For example, some USB I/Os are no longer available:
USB 4 relay module / 4 opto - with/without DIN rail holder Article no.: UHRO-4 / UPRO-4
USB 16 relay module / 16 opto - with/without top-hat rail holder Article no.: UHRO-16 / UPRO-16
USB 32 relay module - with/without top-hat rail holder Article no.: UHR-32 / UPR-32
Stock quantities are subject to prior sale - therefore not binding!


Most of the products are very old developments. The ISA cards date back to the 80s, but many of them were still in production.
The PCI cards are about 30 years out of date. The PLX chip has already been discontinued several times!
Even the USB I/O is more than 10 years old!
There is probably very little interest from other manufacturers in taking over the products!


I get circuit diagrams and source code from Taiwan for repairs and software adaptations!
This information will soon be available for download.


At almost 70 years of age, I am normally of retirement age.
I will still be available for my customers for as long as possible, but I will limit my office hours and can be found on the QO-100 more often as DL1YBD.
Core office hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.
Confirmed delivery dates will be honoured.


Due to the limited office hours, parcels should only be sent with prior notice and tracking information! Otherwise, parcel acceptance is not guaranteed and the parcel may be returned! 


Many serial cards are still in stock! Partly old stock, which must be checked again.
RS-232 very small quantity - RS-422/485 a little more. Please enquire!


Info from 21.05.2024 

Information on ordering

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